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Welcome to MoonFire!

We are an open and welcoming circle of Pagans. Many of our members are also Unitarian Universalists, but that is not a requirement. We seek truth in all its forms, and have found the Pagan path speaks to us the most. We are democratic, in accord with the fifth Unitarian-Universalist principle (there are seven principles). To lead is to show up and volunteer. We believe in helping others, and do so through many different activities. We are also committed to participating in the larger Pagan community, participating in activities of our local Open Hearth Foundation and other organizations.

Feel free to show up to our open circle. Bring an open mind and a loving heart. Hopefully our community will speak to your path, and you will join us as we walk our paths together.

Our Mission and Vision Statement

"We strive to build a safe and nurturing community that is inclusive and provides for spiritual growth and service to the Earth and Her children. We are the Hub of the Wheel of Life, the Crossroads where all meet; We are a Chalice of the Goddess; We are of the Earth, rich and empowering; We are a Rock, safe and secure; We are a Rainbow, diverse with many colors yet together in one band; We are a Flame of Spirituality, providing the light to see our path before us."

Why are we called "MoonFire"?

MoonFire is an open community of people who come together to explore our pagan and earth-based spirituality in a safe and welcoming environment.  MoonFire is a name which symbolizes many of the attributes we want our group to encompass.

* The Moon is a symbol of the Goddess
* As Moon reflects the light of the Sun (the God), we strive to reflect the Light of the Lord and Lady in our lives.
* Fire symbolizes energy, passion, creativity and imagination as well as symbolizing the Light of Divine Energy

The Moon is also of the Night --encouraging us to explore our deepest secrets and intuition - to take responsibility for our shadows.  Fire is a Symbol of the Flame of our Spirituality.  May the name "MoonFire" encourage our community to reflect our Light and Love and to hold close the Flame of Spirituality to guide our growth.

Our  logo combines the Moon with the Chalice and flame (Fire).  The UU chalice symbol takes many forms and has a variety of meanings.  Interpretations of the flame include: the warmth of love, the light of truth, a beacon of service to humankind, and the divine light within each of us.

Another version of our "who we are" statement

MoonFire, a chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPs), follows and explores earth-centered spiritual paths as a UU fellowship. Our mission is to explore, learn, and teach traditions of earth-based religions in a sacred and safe community, and to celebrate holidays marked by the solstices and the four seasons.







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