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Who should attend MoonFire rituals?

MoonFire is committed to being an open, democratic, and welcoming Pagan group. We welcome and encourage attendance by those of any life-path that happen to be called to the Pagan experience. We also welcome attendance by those who are not currently on a Pagan path, but wish to grow and learn about us. We only ask that those who attend not disrupt the experience of others.  This includes being respectful of people's desire not to be public in their beliefs, if you take pictures make sure you ask first.

Reporters or anyone writing about MoonFire (even for a class project) must check in with a co-coordinator or ritual leader first.

Because we try to be welcoming, children of any age are welcome at MoonFire. We seek to provide a safe, friendly, and helpful environment where those with children can experience the Gods and Goddesses. Well-behaved children of any age are welcome at our rituals. Older children and teens can, and do, often participate in our rituals. Parents should know that, unless a ritual is specified as a “children’s ritual” (these exact words will be used) the majority of those participating, and the primary themes and conduct of the ritual, will be directed towards adults. Parents that worry about the length or nature of a particular ritual should consult the ritual’s description to see if it is appropriate for their children. There is no childcare provided during our rituals.

Anyone under 18 years of age who attends a MoonFire ritual must do so with the expressed permission of a parent or guardian. 

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