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Updated: October 6, 2013

For more information about any of these events, feel free to contact either the person listed below, or any of the people listed on the Contacts page.

We have ritual every 3rd Sunday of the month at the Church starting at 1:30PM. Rain or shine. (Predictability vs. following the lunar calendar: its a trade-off we accommodate by having a 3rd Sunday ritual and then celebrating the cross-quarter Sabbats).

All 3rd Sunday rituals are followed by a potluck, as are most of our other activities. UUCA is a peanut free zone, please do not bring any peanut products into the building. Also, please bring reusable plates and utensils if you can. They save on paper, plastic, and the earth!

MoonFire welcomes everyone. If you are wondering whether to bring children, are new to Paganism, or plan to take pictures or write about our ritual, check the listing and our new statement on attendance.

For a listing of other rituals and happenings, click here.

Our Social Circle is an opportunity to hang out with our fellow Pagans and do fun stuff. What we do can range from the purely social to rituals, classes, and more. Social circle events are listed below.

Our Paganism as a religious tradition is is now complete. For more information see the class page.



October 19

Community ritual.

This is our yearly "light" ritual that preceeds Samhain. Come prepared to talk about what MoonFire means to you! Ritual starts at 1:30PM at the Church, potluck follows.

October 26

Samhain Ritual.

Our Ancestors Well

Drawing from the past, learning from the present, imagining the future

Samhain is the Pagan New Year.  It is also the time where the veil becomes thing, our sacred ancestors are close, and divination and magic happens.  This ritual will be about water.  Water as metaphor for the veil; water as something that connects us to each other; water as a well from which we draw deep inspiration.  We each have a well that we go to for inspiration, for imagination, and for healing.  Within our wells there is hope, there is connection to times past, and there is balance.  Just like wells connect through underground streams and rivers, so too do our individual wells connect to a healing and universal power.  Within the waters of past, present, and future dwell the Gods and Goddesses, dwell our ancestors, and dwell our deepest selves.  This ritual is designed to connect us to our ancestral past.  It is designed to help us find balance and guidance from the gods in our hectic present.  It is also designed to inspire for the future.

In this ritual we three Priestesses will guide us on a visit to the voices of past, present, and future unknown: the ancestors (past), the Gods (present), and the Unknown (future).  From their wells we will draw forth what we need, and place into them what we wish to leave.  Our working will end with a scrying in water, and a charging of our work for the future.   Please join us at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington for our annual open ritual of Samhain.  Appropriate dress is encouraged, but what is more important is our worship.  A potluck will follow.

Show time is 7:00PM, ritual starts at 7:30PM.


Other Open Events of Interest

Northern Virginia Pagan Network

A very good resource for other events is the Northern Virginia Pagan Network Yahoo calendar. We will not necessarily repeat events listed there here unless we find something really special about them. To go to the Northern Virginia Pagan Network site and calendar click here:



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