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Special Campout Section

Please read and make note of the following important information:

** Cost is $10.00 per day per person, $15 per person if you camp the whole weekend. Please have the correct amount to pay for your stay and pay upon arrival at the campsite. There will be no charge for children under 12 accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who assume
responsibility for the child(ren) at all times.

** Potluck Lunchtime Meal -- Saturday mid-day. Please bring a dish to share with the group. All other meals are "on your own" (or, you may choose to coordinate with some of your friends to share meals).

** There is NO water available at the campsite, so bring plenty of water for your drinking, cooking and cleaning needs. There is a creek nearby, but the water is not suitable for drinking.

** Port-a-pots are available at the campsite, but no showers.

** Bring a personal supply of trash bags to make sure you leave the area in better shape than you found it. What you bring in - you bring out.

** Park Rules and Regulations must be followed:
1. No alcoholic beverages.
2. Use of motorized vehicles is limited to roadways only.
3. Fires are permitted only in the rings provided and must not be left
4. Pets must be kept on a leash not to exceed 6 feet in length. Pets must
not be left unattended and you must clean up after them. There are horses
that come through the primitive campground area and pets must not run loose
or scare the horses.
5. No drumming or singing after 11:00 PM. Storytelling, tarot reading, and
quiet conversations are encouraged.

** A complete listing of Park Rules and Regulations are available at the
Park Office. **


(For a map go here).

NEW DIRECTIONS TO LITTLE BENNETT PARK - please be aware that the Rte 270 exit to Clarksburg has been “re-aligned,” it now puts you onto Stringtown Rd, not Clarksburg Rd.


Route 270 North

Exit 18 Clarksburg/Bodys exit (Route 121)

coming off the exit ramp bear right (to Clarksburg)

(Note: the new exit alignment now puts you onto Stringtown Road.)

Go to the 2nd traffic light and turn left onto

Rte 355 (north)

Go to first traffic light and turn right onto

Clarksburg Road

Continue on Clarksburg Road for about two miles.

At the bottom of a big dip, just past the small cement bridge, on the right is a (un-marked) small parking area.

Turn right onto the gravel road that goes into/past the parking area immediately after the bridge.

NOTE: Before you get to the parking area you want, there is now a new additional Park parking lot (with a sign) on Clarksburg Road. Continue on past that new lot, to the lot with the Little Bennet Park sign.  

After you pull into the Little Bennett campground parking lot you will see a
closed gate in front of you. (Gate will be unlocked by 3:00 PM on Friday.)

Open the gate, drive through and close the gate behind you. (DO NOT LOCK IT).

Follow the road for about 1 mile up to the primitive campground. Do not
confuse the Schoolhouse by the creek for our campsite -- bear to the left
and continue on up the hill.

Also new: If you want to pick up something in Clarksburg, 

- there is a Quiznos on Stringtown Rd about a half a block further beyond the Rte 355 intersection; - there is a small general store and also a new small health food store on Rte 355, which you will pass on the right before you get to Clarksburg Rd.

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