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New Nights at The Steering Committee*

(Click on the image to enlarge - then use your "back" button, ok that sucks but you get a free comic)

Nights at the Steering Committe #0

Nights at the Steering Committee #1

Nights at the SC number 2

Nights at the Steering Committee Number 4

(you can always click the strip to enlarge)

Uhh...what is this?

The Nights are Back! And this time we're saying Ni!

A while ago I did some strips poking fun at the peculiar characters that attend the Steering Committee meetings. Since then they've occassionally mentioned as in "where are they" "when are you going to do more," "who do I sue," or "don't take them down, I don't pay for the bandwidth." Thus when we started the new web site we had this obscure link to the old cartoons. Now that I've stepped down from the awesome responsibilities of leadership (and no one's sued) I've decided to do some more strips when I have time. There are going to be some changes from the old strips, like they will be a three panel strip just like the comic's page. I'd say that the comics page in the Post is better drawn and funnier than this only that wouldn't be true: both are pretty crappy. (For more on that check out the Comic's Curmudgeon).

My new ground rules are:

a) No particular persons will be represented. I don't want to make fun of specific people, I want to make fun of everyone. Some resemblance may be noted, but that is just because I took a funny idea from that person.

b) I want to make the jokes, such as they are, less inside and more general.

c) I want to make it better drawn (which, frankly, isn't hard).

d) Story ideas gratefully taken and stolen, so if you want to make fun of someone or something, please write!

e) One strip will appear each month whenever I get around to it. Instead of the cockeyed rotational plan I had before, I'll try to post all the strips here.

f) If you see something you think might hurt someone's feelings, please let me know. That is not the intent of the strip and I can be pretty tone deaf at times.

g) This page, these strips, and anything associated with them has nothing to do with MoonFire (this page is privately owned and administered, see our Disclaimers page for details), UUCA, UUism, Paganism, or anyone living, dead, or otherwise. Even I disown them totally.

And yes, expect a visit from Homeland Security and King Kevin as soon as possible...

Old Nights at The Steering Committee

The following links take you to a set of cartoons done a long time ago about our steering committee. While some of the jokes are quite inside*, they seem to be amusing enough for at least some people to miss them now that our Geocities site is down. Originally they were posted as part of our old newsletter. Hopefully they make us seem funny, in either a weird or humorous sort of way, or both. Nothing in this mess should be taken as endorsed by MoonFire, and any resemblance of these cartoons to anyone living, dead, or somewhere in between is accidental, and frankly, surprising.





*One inside joke is outside of Paganism. The title refers to the totally unrelated and hysterically funny "Knights of the Dinner Table." published by KenzerCo.



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