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Paganism 101 Class

This class was held as part of the Church's adult education program. The class has ended, but we're leaving this page up as an archive of what happened. Its possible we'll do it again in a couple of years. Unitl then please come to our third Sunday ritual and talk to us if you feel additional learning opportunities would be useful.

Course description

In this course members of MoonFire, the church chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS), will discuss Paganism from a UU perspective.  Those teaching the course will be drawn from a wide range of Pagan paths, and have experience in ritual and other aspects of Pagan beliefs and practices.  In the class you will have a chance to discuss Pagan paths with the instructors and other students, as well as participate in a variety of spiritual exercises. The exercises will be designed to help you better define your path and get in touch with various aspects of Pagan belief.  You will be free to participate or not as you wish. The course will be based on the book "Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions" by Joyce and River Higginbotham.  It will cover eight classes, each tied roughly to a chapter in the book.  No fee will be charged, though students will be encouraged to buy and read the book.   For more information e-mail us at coordinators@moonfireuuca.org.

Course outline

Session 1: 2/15/07 (Note this is Thursday, not Wednesday, due to Valentine's Day) Introduction to Paganism: What do Pagans do? – Ed/Leah

Class 1 outline (doc)
Class 1 handout (ppt)

Session 2: 2/28/07 Introduction to Paganism: A Historical Perspective – Ed/Patrick

Class 2 handout (pdf)

Session 3: 3/14/07 A Pagan View of Deity – Leah/Kim

No handout for this class

Session 4: 3/28/07 The Living Universe – Melissa B/Raina back-up

Session 5: 4/11/07 Magic – Ed/Raina

Class 5 handout (pdf)
Class 5 supplement (pdf)

Session 6: 4/25/07 Ethics and Responsibility – Ed/Leah

Session 7: 5/9/07 Other Faiths and Their Relationship to Paganism – Patrick.

Class 7 handout (pdf)

Session 8: 5/23/07 Finding Your Pagan Path – Ed/Melissa

Final Session 9: 6/6/07 Clebration ritual - Everyone



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