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Updated: January 17, 2007

These are some of the many Pagan links that we think are helpful. We do not endorse any of these organizations, or the content you may find there.

Local Pagan Stores

The opinions expressed about these resources are those of the various authors and are not those of Moonfire or the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington. You may note that we are woefully undersupplied with stores in this area. You would be correct!

Pagan Peddler

Some people we know very well run this internet business, it has many interesting and specialty items, just what you might need to impress everyone at the next circle...

Sticks and Stones

Is a great store in Fairfax City, right downtown. It has a Tarto Meetup Group and has readings available. Many of our members find it a great place to visit. You can learn more from their extensive website: at www.sticksandstonescircle.com.

Pagan Dolls and Such

Vivienne, a skilled Pagan seamstress who makes all kinds of crafts for friends and family, has created some truly beautiful Goddess dolls for other happy Pagan customers, and would be glad to make one for you! She is familiar with the deity images in the Sacred Source catalog, among other places, and also eager to personalize any piece. 

A simple deity doll, such as your standard Brigid (just hair and dress) would be $35.

A more complicated or detailed doll (headpieces, staffs, capes, jewelry, etc.) would be $45.

A doll's height may vary depending on hair, headpieces, etc. of the deity requested. Vivienne works with cotton and linen for the body, clothes and hair. The stuffing is polyester fiberfill.

All of her dolls are hand-sewn. The clothes are miniature versions of full-size historical costumes found in books, museums and movies. Each doll takes about 6 hours to complete, depending on detail in the clothes and props.

She often sends her dolls to their new owners with a myth featuring the deity.

If you'd like to talk shop with her, send an e-mail to ElerrinaRose at ao.com; be sure to include the words "Myth Dolls" in the Subject line. She'll be glad to answer any questions you may have and will welcome any suggestions, as well; Vivienne is very open to discussing exactly what the expectant owner wants included in the doll. She understands that each person has a favorite view or image of the deities they love and she is eager to help them by making something that's just right!

Squaring the Circle

An online bookstore run by a DC Pagan. Has a good selection of some of the more obscure titles.

Walnut Tree (RIP?)

By far one of the best Pagan/Witch stores in the DC area, the Walnut Tree seems to have been undergoing some changes lately, with its number now disconnected and the web site not working it may very well have closed.

Spark of Spirit

9937 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, Md

Haven't been there, but it sounds like a pretty active store with lots of classes, etc. Check out the link and let us know what you think if you go there.

Terra Christa

130 Church Street NW, Vienna, VA

Very New Agey and lots of angels, but it does carry some stuff with a Pagan theme, like books and incense.


306 Elden St, Herndon, VA

A "light and airy" New Agey shop, they seem to have moved more into stones and jewelry lately.


25 South King St., Leesburg VA

This used to have a lot of Witch stuff, but it has moved a little more toward the New Age end of the spectrum. With a slogan of "The New Age Superstore" one would expect it...

Special Treasures

8 North Summit Ave. , Gaithersburg MD (Gaithersburg Town Center)

This shop contains the usual New Age stuff, but also carries herbs and oils in good selection. Web site wasn't working, however.

Local Organizations

In this section we list some local organizations that we find useful to know about. I am determined to seek out and find every Pagan organization in the area with a web page we can link to. In no particular order...

Northern Virignia Pagan Network

We work closely with NVPN. They are very, very helpful in keeping track of goings on and groups in the Northern Virginia area.

Open Hearth Foundation

The OHF sponsors our local Pagan Pride Day, meetups like Pagan Night Out, and generally organizes the local community. Everyone should be so lucky!

Riversong Grove

An ADF (Druid) proto-grove in Fredericksburg.


"Becoming is a gathering of men and women who freely come together to worship their deities, learn about themselves, and experience community and connection."

Circle of the Crystal Grove

This is a large group that overlaps with the Bull Run UU Church's CUUPS of BRUU.

Spiral Ground

Spiral Ground is another eclectic and well organized circle based in Cumberland Virginia. They often repeat our events on their calendar, and we encourage those who are in the area to check out their events. Check out their website here, and their calendar here.

Firefly Academy

Firefly Academy is based in Alexandria, and seeks to help people explore their spiritual path. They offer various courses on Pagan related topics, and have been present at several Pagan Pride day events. Their web site (www.fireflyacademy.org) seems to be down, but you may wish to check it out to see if it comes back online.

Pagan Links

Here we list random links we think are worth knowing about. Again, no endorsement is implied other than what our members say about them.


Witchvox is the link of choice for learning about or connecting with Pagans.

Pagan Pages

A new site with an eclectic mix of articles and stories. At least one of our members writes a regular column here.

Out of the Dark

The group that puts on events at Blackwater Campground, such as the Gathering of the Tribes.

Pagan Theology

A shameless plug.






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