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Altar from January Hestia Ritual Imbolc Fire Ritual Imbolc Fire Altar
Altar Imbolc Imbolc 07 water ritual altar April 07 Spring Wind Empowerment Ritual Altar
April Ostara Ritual Altar April 07 Altar April 07 Maypole Dance
June 2007 wiccaning altar Animal spirit guide altar Lughnassa 2007 Altar
Lughnassa 2007 Altar 2 August 07 ritual altar Pagan Pride Day altar
Young Adult Altar 09 07 December 2007 altar
MoonFire January 08 Goddess Altar January Altar Picture from 2008 Iroquois Ostara Altar
Children's Earch Day Altar May 2008 Beltane ritual altar May 2008 Beltane Ritual Altar
July 2008 Druid Ritual Altar July 2008 coffee service lemonade July Lammas Altar Picture
July Lammas Altar 2 Pagan Pride Day for MoonFire September 08 Mithras Ritual
August 08 ritual altar September 08 feeding the homeless Apple Harvest Mabon Ritual
Apple Harvest Mabon Ritual zoom shot MoonFIre Samhain Altar 2008 Ancestor Altar Samhain 2008
Another view of 2008 2008 Yule Ritual Altar
Diety Homage Ritual Altar January 2009 Altar Tibetian Prayer Wheel
March 2009 Altar PIcture March 2009 Altar image 2 May 2009 Alata
12 17 12 Altar 10 19 11 altar 12 20 11 altar
june 10 altar March 10