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Updated August 5, 2009

Here are the rules we have for posting to and using our various mailing lists. They are included here to that we can point violators to a published rules set.

Guidelines for Posting Messages on MoonFire Community Groups’ Lists:

1. These groups are designed for communicating with members and friends of the MoonFire UUCA community about topics of interest. What constitutes a "topic of interest"? Items posted by MoonFire members or friends, such as the Northern Virginia Pagan Network (NVPN), are presumed to be of interest. Items posted by strangers are of interest if they pertain to our community, or concern items that would be directly related to being a Pagan in Northern Virginia. The further away from MoonFire, and the Northern Virignia region, a poster is the less likely we are going to be interested in it. If you are not a MoonFire member your posts will be moderated and should comply with the purpose of the list (i.e. they should relate to Pagan topics of interest to our members). If you are a member or friend of MoonFire you are expected to use respectful language and stay on topic. Exceptions may be made on a case- by-case basis.

2. Anyone posting something that is rude, insulting, or likely to incite conflict will find their postings moderated. People who continue to project negative feelings and thoughts on the list will find themselves banned.

3. Please refrain from posting the following items to the list: chain letters, virus warnings, off-topic news, miraculous remedies, or other trivia not related to MoonFire business. Pagan-related news stories of interest to our community are welcome. If you find yourself about to forward an e-mail with an amazingly improbable story attached to it; please visit http://www.snopes. com/ instead of posting to our list.

4. If you are not a MoonFire member and are posting an event of interest to our members please clearly identify yourself, any organization you are with, and the nature of the event. E-mails not doing so will be moderated or deleted. We will not accept “counterfeit” postings that look like official MoonFire announcements.

5. Please limit the total size of your responses; excessively long reply-to chains can become burdensome to deal with.

6. Anyone wishing to post commercial, or quasi-commercial (e.g. a campout that charges attendance fees), announcements or advertisements are advised to contact a MoonFire coordinator (mfuuca_coords at hotmail.com) in order to determine whether the announcement is relevant to MoonFire. Commercial and quasi-commercial postings that show up on the list may be moderated according to their relevance to MoonFire members (e.g. a store opening in Centerville would be fine to announce, as would a festival in Prince William Forest Park, but a mail order business operating from California or a festival in Richond would be inappropriate).

7. MoonFire list moderators reserve the right to override any or all of these rules at any time subject to our discretion. Anyone who feels they have been wrongly limited in their use of the list should appeal to the Steering Committee via the MoonFire Coordinators at mfuuca_coords at hotmail.com.

8. MoonFire does not post solicitations from charities of any kind.





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