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Beltane 2006:

Affirmations and the Happy Goddess







How long will grown men and women in this world

Keep drawing in their coloring books

An image of god that

Makes them


– Meister Eckhart









Beltane is considered one of the four principle Sabbats of the Wiccan religion.  It is also a feast and fire day in much of the British Isle and Celtic lands.  It is the day that marks the arrival of summer, just as Imbolc marks the arrival of Spring, Lughnassa the Fall, and Samhain the coming of Winter.  It is a time of Summer.  It is a time of Joy.  It is our time to be happy, and celebrate the season, each other, and the God and Goddess.




Affirmations are short, positive, statements we make about ourselves or our situations in order to bring about change in our lives.  They are a small spell we cast on ourselves to bring about change within us.  As it is from us, to us, it has a much better chance of working.   Examples of affirmations include:  “I am somebody!”  “I love and accept myself” “I am one with the Goddess and love”


Affirmations are short, declarative statements about the past or present.  They assume whatever you want has happened.  They are not a wish that it will happen.  Just like a spell, they are an exercise of focused will. 




Assemble in Room 13/15


Entry chant


I am joy

I am love

I am Goddess

I am God


Cast the circle



Call the quarters


We will all chant the quarters.  See handout.


Call the God of the Sun


This ritual will focus on the God of the Sun, Bel, for which Beltaine takes its name.  .We will consecrate a sacred well to Bel.    

Kindle the Beltane Fire


We will simulate the Beltane fire by kindling some incense in our Cauldron.  We will then each pass through the Bel Fire, asking cleansing and peace in our minds as we perform our working.


Reach into the Bel-aine well


Wells were Sacred symbols of Bel, the circle representing the circle of the sun.  We will take our tokens from the well. 


Meditate on our affirmation


We will meditate on the positive, on what we want, and what we want to become.


Speak or Affirmation


We will speak of our affirmations, what they mean to us and what we hope to achieve by them.


Charging chant


See attached.


Moment of Prayer and Meditation


Thank the God and Goddess


Release the quarters


Face the quarters and all read what is in the handout



Open the circle





MoonFire welcomes all who wish to participate.


Rituals are held on the third Sunday of the month at 1 o’clock at the UUCA Church (www.uucava.org)


Steering Committee meetings are open to all, they are held the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 at the UUCA Church. 


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Mission Statement


“We strive to build a safe and nurturing community which is inclusive and provides for spiritual growth and service to the Earth and Her children.  We are the Hub of the Wheel of Life, the Crossroads where all meet; We are a Chalice of the Goddess; We are of the Earth, rich and empowering; We are a Rock, safe and secure; We are a Rainbow, diverse with many colors yet together in one band; We are a Flame of Spirituality, providing the light to see our path before us.”