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Lughnasa 2006:

Cornucopia Ritual







Fair Goddess of the rainbow,

Of the stars and the moon!

The queen most powerful

Of hunters and the night

            We beg thee thy aid

            That thou may’st give to us

The best fortune ever!

– Invocation to Diana

from Aradia: Gospel of the Witches









is called Cornucopia in the language of the Strega, or Italian Witches. Stregheria is the Italian version of Witchcraft, which has an emphasis on Diana, and Aradia. Aradia is the Queen of the Heavens, daughter of Diana, or the original Witch, depending on the story you are reading.


The Aradian tradition, as established in North America, originally was a branch of the Tanarra tradition, one of three different ancient Stregherian traditions. It has evolved and now blends parts off all three Old World traditions.


Today’s ritual is an Aradian ritual and therefore is not a true “Old World” rite. However, the Aradian tradition is a nature religion, and practitioners consider themselves to be the spiritual descendents of the old covens or “groves” formed in Italy. The God and Goddess invoked here, Tana and Tanus are other names for Diana and Dianus. Cornucopia is the time of the first harvest. We celebrate the harvest and the give thanks for the bounty and abundance. We celebrate the continued warmth of the Sun, and the gifts of Tana and Tanus.


Offerings and Needs


We will place our offerings and needs on the South altar during the ritual. Before the ritual take some time to reflect on what bounty you have received over the year, and what needs you take into the coming seasons. Write them down on the provided slips of paper.




Assemble in Room 13/15


Entry chant


Lovely Goddess of the Bow!

Lovely Goddess of the Arrow!

You who walk in the starry heavens!


Cast the circle


Join hands



Call the quarters


North: Tago. East: Bellaria. South: Settrano. West: Meana.


Offerings and Needs


Place your needs and offerings in the basket on the South altar. Notes will be burned after the ritual.


Knot Magic Working


We bind in our cords three knots: of responsibility, of bounty, and of spirit. Think about what others harvest from you (responsibility), you harvest from others (bounty), and the inner harvest of the Goddess (spirit).


Charging chant


For each knot we will charge our work with the following chant three times:

Aradia, daughter of Diana

Queen of the Witches

I implore thee

Give your benevolence

Hear the hearts’ song


Instructions for after ritual


Keep the cord by you for seven days, then, while whispering the chant, bury it in the ground. If you have kept your will and the Goddess has blessed you, you will have worked your spell.


Cakes and Ale


“Herein is the essence of the union of Tanus and Tana, wherein all things are made vital.”


Dismiss the quarters


Start with North.


Open the Circle


Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again!